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What method of carpeting cleaning do you use?

We use a hot water extraction method, commonly known as steam cleaning. Through this process, we are able to reach the toughest, deepest dirt and stains in a safe manner. Hot water paired with the appropriate cleaning solution for the stain, is shot deep into the carpet simultaneously sanitizing and removing soil. We follow this step with powerful suction extracting the now dirty water from the carpets. With this water goes the trapped stains and allergens that were caught in the carpet fibers. We use this exact same method for upholstery and mattress cleaning as well.

Should I vacuum my carpet, vehicle or boat prior to it being cleaned?

Although not required, it is a good idea to vacuum before we arrive if your carpet is full of large debris or much animal hair. Otherwise, our suction tool will clean any small debris from the area.

How long can I expect a residential carpet cleaning to take?

Each job is different, but for an entire house/several rooms, you can expect 1-2 hours of actual cleaning time. Area rugs, mattresses, upholstery, RVs and boats vary on size and needs presented.

Do we move furniture?

We are happy to move furniture such as end/beside/coffee tables, light couches and love seats, small recliners or whatever the customer requests within reason. Beds, large dressers, electronics and valuable/antique pieces will not be moved by Bluewater Carpet.

I have heard that cleaning carpet makes it soil and wear out faster. Is this true?

This is not true of our process. This unfortunately occurs when inferior equipment is used and leaves soap residue in the carpet. Soap left in carpet becomes almost sticky and acts as a magnet to dirt, oil, and other substances you DO NOT want in your carpet. Our steam clean process with powerful suction and our well maintained, state of the art machine allows us to remove all solution we inject into your carpet thus preventing the occurrence of the “sticky soap” problem.

Do you guarantee the removal of ALL stains and spots in the carpet or upholstery or dirt in grout or on tile?

There is no way to guarantee that all stains can be removed. Stains are comprised of unique elements that are sometimes impervious to cleaning or have caused a bleaching effect on the surface. Most of the time, the success of stain removal can be determined prior to cleaning; we will let you know if we feel a surface is uncleanable or if we can lighten the stain but not entirely remove it. Remember that if the carpet has been bleached or dyed by the stain, we may not be able to remove it, but having the area sanitized (especially in cases of animal urine) is important to maintaining a healthy living and working environment.

What are reappearing spots or, “wicking”?

Reappearing spots occur when a stain has resurfaced after a home system carpet cleaning/attempted in home spot removal. This natural process is called “wicking” and may happen several hours to a few days after professional carpet cleaning because our machine is only able to go so deep into the carpet. When a spill, stain or spot reaches carpet padding, it is then soaked in by the padding like a sponge. The soiled area on/inside the carpet padding has dried since the original incident. The wicking is the stain rehydrated and brought to life searching for a place to dry, or, the surface. This can often occur on carpet that has a stain that has been lying dormant for quite some time or a recent, but dried and not thoroughly extracted spill. The best way to prevent wicking is to attack a spill as soon as it occurs or, before it dries into the padding and subfloor. The sooner you can call to have us address the spill, the better!

Can I walk on the carpet after it is cleaned?

Light walking is allowed with clean feet, but we recommend keeping traffic to a minimum (especially children and pets) until carpet is entirely dry.

How often should I have my residential carpets cleaned?

Each surface presents unique needs. Homes with animals and children may need cleaning more often, but typically, 1-2 times per year for sanitation purposes is recommended. Heavy spot removal should occur as soon after the spill as possible. Allergy specialists may recommend several times a year for carpets, upholstery and mattresses to assist in removing aggravating allergens.

I can clean my tile, grout and upholstery with products sold a stores. What is the benefit to having it professionally cleaned?

Porous tile and grout can make your floors look dirty, grimy and older than they really are. Our professional tile and grout cleaning method allows us to reach deep into these porous areas and extract the substances causing the issue; store bought products and rented systems only achieve a surface level of “clean”. We will pretreat areas of concern with the correct solution for the stain and then blast with our steam system. Our powerful suction method will extract germs, bacteria, allergens and the grime that gives your tile floors that worn out tired look.

For upholstery, we use a smaller, more delicate tool to achieve an impeccable level of soil and germ removal. As with our carpet and tile cleaning services, we are able to reach deeper to more effectively clean and sanitize the upholstery.